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IMO President responds to HSE health cuts announcement

31st August 2012

Dr Paul McKeown, IMO President, responds to HSE announcement of health cuts

The President of the Irish Medical Organisation [IMO] Dr Paul McKeown has criticised the HSE announcement of sweeping cuts in the health services budget for the remainder of the year.  Speaking today Dr. McKeown said that many of the cuts would be counterproductive and would ultimately lead to higher costs in hospital care.  Dr. McKeown also said that the cuts were likely to have a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable sections of the community.

Speaking today Dr. McKeown said; “The IMO will study the HSE announcement carefully.  However on the basis of the information in the public domain at present, we are seriously concerned at this announcement which appears to fail the basic tests of fairness and equity.”

“In relation to health services, policymakers have a particular duty to ensure that any cuts they are forced to impose have minimum impact on the most vulnerable sections of the community.  They also have a responsibility to ensure that their actions save money rather than just give the illusion of saving money. Cuts in relation to homecare services could end up being more expensive to the public purse than the current system while adding to the pain and misery of elderly and infirm patients and their families.”

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