Irish Examiner - Alcohol and the Irish Supplement
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Irish Examiner - Alcohol and the Irish Supplement

Irish Examiner - Alcohol and the Irish (6th May 2011)

Caroline O’Doherty

Dr Ronan Boland was interviewed by Caroline O’Doherty for this special feature report by the Irish Examiner into Irish people’s relationship with alcohol.

When asked if there were enough facilities for people to be treated for alcohol related problems, Dr Boland said there should be a centralised office to co-ordinate services and would liaise with the various service providers on a GP’s behalf. “That’s part of a more general difficulty within the health system where very often as a GP, I will know what services a patient requires but the information is not readily available to me that allows me to make an informed decision where best to refer that patient in such a way that the patient receives the service in a timely manner in the most convenient location,” he says.

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