IMO National Industrial Relations Day
Irish Medical Organisation

IMO National Industrial Relations Day

Croke Park, Dublin

We are trying to change a lot of things in the IMO at present – most especially a culture which many members felt discouraged inclusive debate about critical issues like Industrial Relations strategy. With that in mind, the Executive Committee (EC) has called an urgent meeting to discuss strategy in respect of the current Industrial Relations (IR) agenda across the different Specialty Groups.

This day is being designed specifically to give members the opportunity to contribute to the formulation of IR policy and strategy for the challenging times ahead.

With so many changes taking place in the workplace the Industrial Relations (IR) Day is an opportunity for members to contribute to the policy and strategy of the IMO, to gain an understanding of the challenges we face between the changes being sought by Government and the Department of Health and the constraints imposed by current legislation.

Over the course of the day each specialty group will determine, in conjunction with National Specialty Committee members and the IR Unit, the priorities facing members in their working lives and consider what the relevant IR strategies and objectives will be.

This is a very important event for IMO members and I would urge you to make every effort to attend. Please see below directions to the meeting (PDF)


10.30am – 11am

  • Plenary Session – Opening by IMO President, Dr Paul McKeown
  • Plenary Session – IMO & Industrial Relations by Steve Tweed, Director of Industrial Relations

11am – 1pm

Specialty Meetings Meetings

  • General Practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Public Health and Community Medicine
  • NCHDs and Students

Specialty Meetings will determine the priorities facing their specialty, agree objectives and strategy to deliver change. All groups will be supported by members of their National Committee and the IR Unit


2pm – 4pm

  • Plenary Session - Report from Specialty Meetings

Each Specialty Group will report on their priorities and strategies to the plenary session. Common issues across specialty groups will be determined and, where feasible, a universal approach to these developed

  • Government Policy for the Health Sector and Update on Croke Park Negotiations


  • Organisational Issues update from Executive Committee

This meeting is open to IMO members only and we would ask that you register (please see below)

Yours sincerely

Dr Paul McKeown

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