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Recruitment and Retention survey - VERY IMPORTANT

As you will know, the recently concluded Public Service Stability Agreement contains a provision for the Public Service Pay Commission to examine ‘Recruitment and Retention’ issues in certain key areas of the public service. 

The Commission has advised the IMO that it will now commence its work in examining these issues as they affect NCHDs.

The IMO has been clear and consistent in arguing that pay, lack of training supports and unclear career progression are the pivotal factors in making the Irish public health service an unattractive employer for Irish trained medical professionals.

If you are an NCHD working in Ireland please complete the following survey here. 

Alternatively if you are an NCHD who is working abroad please complete the survey here 

The IMO is seeking empirical data to underpin our arguments, and so I ask you to complete this survey as a matter of urgency.

Other parties may also contact you seeking information that would downplay the importance of pay, training supports and career progression – we would encourage you to proceed with caution should this happen.

The IMO is the only medical representative body with the right to appear before the Commission, it is therefore of vital importance that we have the most comprehensive data possible.

If you have any queries in this regard, please contact the IMO at

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