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New Special Items of Service under GMS

New Special Items of Service under GMS

The circular for the new Special Items is currently being issued from PCRS to all GMS GPs. The new Special Items and amended Special Items have the following codes:

   LARC insertion                                Code AB

   LARC removal                                 Code AC

    24 Hour ABPM                                Code AD

    Bladder Catherisation                  Code L

    Suturing                                            Code B 

  • LARC: there is a requirement of LARC certification or equivalent to be submitted to PCRS within a period of 12 months. The IMO are in discussions on what will be considered equivalent and in this regard there is no immediate need to seek LARC certification where a GP does not have formal certification. Pending conclusion of discussions GPs who do not hold certificates may continue to provide and claim for the service. 
  • 24 Hour ABPM: this test is for individual patient care and not routine screening.  
  • Suturing: the new fee applies across the GMS Contract and the Under 6 Contract. 
  • Bladder Catherisation: the GP may claim the fee each time a catherer is replaced. 

Full List of Special Items and Codes are set out below:


With regard to the Rural Practice Support Framework those GPs who qualify under the new criteria will be written to by the HSE in early June and the rural practice allowance will take effect from May 6th with first payment to be made on July 16th .

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